About us

Takamol for Business Solutions offers thoughtful strategies that take businesses to their fullest potential by innovating with passion and employing sustainable business models. We are inspired by our passion from the Kingdom’s vision to become the undisputed first choice in providing and innovating various unique solutions with the outcome of services aimed at achieving the required transformation in various fields for the governmental, private and non-profit sectors.Takamol for business solutions is enabled by Takamol Holding, one of the companies of the Human Resources Fund “HDRF “.


Achieving sustainability for our partners with solutions, applying best practices and employing the latest innovations.


To be the first choice of our partners in innovation and Implementation of business solutions.


Creativity and innovation, Quality, Value creation, Commitment and Responsibility.

Message From The CEO

“Takamol Business Solutions” understanding our client’s ultimate goal and take a multi-perspective approach to triumph that goal.
As a company, we are committed to working with a strong sense of passion, camaraderie, and drive to help our clients grow their business and achieve their goals. 

We are different

Provide innovative and customized solutions for your business

Provide innovative and customized solutions for your
business. Innovative solutions make difference, so we
develop an integrated system to promote innovation in
the targeted sectors and develop a creative environment
to find effective solutions to current and future
challenges .

The quality and effectiveness of the solutions provided

We are proud of our keenness to provide the highest quality and most sustainable solutions for your business, based on the nature and needs of the local market. We work according to the best methodologies and standards and attract the best young national competencies to achieve efficiency, enhance customer experience and ensure their satisfaction .

Creating value for partners first

We create added value for the services and products provided to our customers through continuous evaluation and improvement, raising efficiency and facing challenges with the latest innovative solutions.

Commitment and Responsibility

Passion in every project instills in us a sense of belonging and responsibility and is reflected in allocating the most efficient resources to implement the assigned projects according to the implement and aspirations of the client.