Become A Partner

Become A Partner

We are always interested to do business with local and international companies, as well as freelancers that are specialized in their field.

Invitations to Takamol Competitions

Receiving invitations to participate in Takamol upcoming competitions requires potential Partner and freelancers to register and be qualified to execute the needed tasks. To register, click the bottom link.


Part of our company commitments is to support SMEs as we believe that sector is the main drive of the Saudi economy. Please ensure to register with us to receive invitations to participate in our upcoming

Invitations to participate with Takamol

Upcoming competitions require the potential Partner to be registered and qualified to execute the target scope. Please use the bottom link to register all requirements documents and receiving email confirmation.

Services and Products that are Frequently Procured by Takamol

We are always on the look for service and commodity providers in various sectors, including:
  • Strategy to Execution
  • Project Management from building to value realization
  • Marketing to growth  
  • HR Consultancy from Hire to retire
  • Business Development from ideations to Expand
  • Digital Transformation
  • Operational Excellence
  • Customer’s Experience