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Welcome to Takamol Business Solutions

Takamol for Business Solutions offers thoughtful strategies that take businesses to their fullest potential by innovating with passion and employing sustainable business models. We are inspired by our passion from the Kingdom’s vision to become the undisputed first choice in providing and innovating various unique solutions with the outcome of services aimed at achieving the required transformation in various fields for the governmental, private and non-profit sectors. Takamol for business solutions is enabled by Takamol Holding, one of the companies of the Human Resources Fund “Hadaf

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Takamol for business solutions is enabled by Takamol Holding, one of the companies of the Human Resources Fund “Hadaf

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Strategy to execution

Project Management from building to value realization

Marketing to growth

HR Consultancy from Hire to retire

Business Development from ideations to Expand

Digital Transformation

Operational Excellence

Customer’s Experience

We believe in integrated services from building a designed strategy to realize the vision of the Organization to its implementation with a rich mechanism of action varied from its initiatives and programme

Based on best practice, we establish and operate the project management office and develop methodologies to ensure positive proceeds

Integration with marketing efforts based on studying the needs to facilitate communication with your customers and to raise awareness of your business.

Development by consulting in the field of human resources, organizational development and talent management.

In an integrated manner, we work from the stage of creating ideas to designing business and financial models. Business development service include three phases: analysing, designing and developing.

Consultancy in managing and directing all plans and works related to digital transformation, developing organizations’ businesses, protecting their technical assets, and ensuring the achievement of distinct levels of efficiency to enable the facility to serve its customers optimally. In addition to managing and operating applications, infrastructure and information technology services, and working on the optimal investment in data to achieve Objectives of the organization and support decision-makers.

Consultancy in managing and directing all plans and actions for institutional excellence through building and developing methodologies, qualifying and training organizations and individuals following with best practices.

Advisory solution to improve client’s experience through creating complementary strategies that simulate a client’s journey.

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