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We believe in integrated services from building a designed strategy to realize the vision of the Organization to its implementation with a rich mechanism of action varied from its initiatives and programs.


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Project to Provide Consulting Services and Operate the Transformation Unit for Health Clusters of the Ministry of Health in the Western Region

Providing advisory and operational services to the Transformation Unit in the Western Region, including providing the advisory services necessary to implement and organize the health care model in the Transformation Unit in the Western Region in order to work towards achieving several goals aimed at achieving the objectives of the National Transformation Program and organizing the health care model.

Project to Provide Consultancy and Operation Services for the Transformation Unit in the Second Health Cluster in the Central Region

In this project, Takamul works to support work streams in the second health cluster in the central region by providing advisory and operational support in project management, change management, strategic planning and development, performance follow-up and evaluation, development of policies, procedures and standards for clinical services, development of operating models and structures Organization by applying international best practices to assist business units in supporting the objectives of the assembly.

Labour Market Response Strategy to COVID-19 Situations for Human Resources Development Fund

Building a detailed and effective strategy to deal with the labour market considering the prevention or curfew measures taken by the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to combat the outbreak of the Corona Virus pandemic, as this strategy aims to: Protection of workers in the private sector, or what this includes from :
* Social protection: protecting workers from being laid off for reasons related to illness or closure of facilities.
* Protection of workers in workplaces for establishments that have been exempted from the ban or those in vital sectors. Minimizing the impact on facilities. Maintaining the minimum efficiency of the labour market in order to ensure the continuity of businesses and vital sectors necessary to support. The economy - and what it includes by allowing.
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