Project Management Office Service

Based on best practice, we establish and operate the project management office and develop methodologies to ensure positive proceeds

Digital Products:

Project Management System

An electronic system to effectively automate and monitor project management procedures, which connects stakeholders to each other and assists the task force to plan and manage project-related tasks to ensure the achievement of project-specific objectives and supports decision makers with reports for proactive decision-making that will help achieve targeted results.

Success Stories

Establishing, launching and assisting the Project Management Office in the Family Affairs Council,

through the development of the Project Management ffice, initiatives management, and follow-up of project performance to achieve the strategic vision of the Council, in addition to developing a clear governance system for the distribution of roles and responsibilities to ensure the workflow plan and achieve the Council’s strategic goals.

Project Management Office Maturity Assessment at the Royal Commission for Al-Ula Governorate

Takamol works on evaluating the maturity of the Project Management Office in the Royal Commission for Al-Ula by following the global model in assessing the maturity of P3M3 project management offices. And the Authority’s programs with higher efficiency and lower costs

Labour market response strategy to COVID-19 situations Human Resources Development Fund – Hadaf

to achieve the initial requirements of the Fund in the short and long term by evaluating the current project management model in the Fund and proposing a new project management model to be worked on, prepared and allocated, as well as operating the Project Management Office for a period of 4 years in a professional manner and according to the methodology adopted by the Fund.

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