Digital Transformation

Consultancy in managing and directing all plans and works related to digital transformation, developing organizations’ businesses, protecting their technical assets, and ensuring the achievement of distinct levels of efficiency to enable the facility to serve its customers optimally.

Digital Products

Build Comprehensive System

Customer Relationship Management


Managed Assignments System

Customer Experience Enrichment Program

Committees and Meetings Management System

Data Store and Business Intelligence Reports

Strategic Performance Management System

Success Stories

Design and Implementation of the Website of the Health Holding Company Building a Website - Implementing a Website - Hosting

Committees and Board of Directors Management System for Health Holding Company Designing the committees and board of directors' management system for the Health Holding Company, which includes automating the work of committees and the board of directors, effectively managing internal meetings, voting on decisions, and scheduling periodic meetings in line with the strategic goal of Health Holding.

Lean Enterprise Resource Management System Implementation Project.

* Human Resource System.
* Management System .
* Financial Management System.
* Technical support.
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