HR Consultancy

Development by consulting in the field of Human Resources, organizational development and talent management.

Digital Products

Talents Platform

A platform to automate recruitment procedures, which allows for the application of vacant positions in the Organization, enables stakeholders to follow up on applications until vacancies are closed.

Enterprise Resource Management System

A technical system designed to coordinate all resources, information and activities needed to complete practical actions such as finance, personnel and salaries, procurement, contracts and inventory, and to enable users to share data between its various parts.

Success Stories

Design Implementation Plan for Technical & Behavioral Competencies

Support MOF in developing their Human Capital Capabilities Career Path & Ladders by :
* Building competencies structure for career development
* Building Career path per job family
* Creating learning & development maps
* Identify critical competencies
* Launching Technical & Behavioral Competencies
* Tech & behavioral competencies implementation plan
* Map competencies with proposed training

Identifying High Potential Employees

Support SFDA By identifying 250 High potential Employees Through Assessment centers, provide Individual & group reports, and create development plans for the Talent Pools & Individuals, Establish a mechanism for succession planning exercise In line with SFDA culture, developing a communication plan, and identify critical Jobs that need successors and tools used in career succession.

Attracting Talents for CITC

Support CITC to hire the right talent to setup & operate the cyber-Security center in CITC

HR Restructure for Jeddah Historical District

Takamol Business Solutions team deliver HR consulting services for Jeddah Historic project advisory and HR restructuring, Assessing the current situation and design quick wins initiatives for JHD, then develop the functional and administrative structure, Job Profiles, Salary Scale and HR policies and procedures. And building a performance management and evaluation program.

Headhunting & Assessment Services for Ministry of Investment

Takamol Business Solutions team provides consulting services in human resources, attracting Talent, and providing Assessment Solutions for MISA across multiple job levels

Training and Development Initiatives For Riyadh Second Health Cluster

Conducting a detailed assessment of the training needs for all medical and non-medical employees and all job categories, and develop a strategic plan for development and training of all employees in the second health cluster
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