Marketing to Growth

Integration with marketing efforts based on studying the needs to facilitate
communication with your customers and to raise awareness of your business.

Digital Products

Web Portals

Implementation and design of electronic portals according to the needs of the organization, considering the user experience and the customer journey.

Success Stories

Launch of a Podcast Channel Aimed at Strengthening the Institutional Values of Saudi Post

Today, with the growing interest in the quality of the working environment and the promotion of internal communication, enterprises are moving towards innovative ways of circulating knowledge and experience, and the content of the podcast is one of the most visible digital media. The purpose of the Saudi Mail is to launch a podcast channel with the aim of strengthening the institutional values of Saudi Mail and to talk about strategic directions through meetings with Saudi postal staff and leaders and the creation of interesting story content about values.

Coronavirus Operating Room Project for Ministry of Media

To follow up on developments in the current situation, monitoring and media analysis of the Corona virus, and one of the most important responsibilities of the room is to raise awareness by producing awareness materials in multiple languages and achieving integration between all concerned government agencies, led by a media team and a specialized team from the Ministry of health.Takamol worked to provide advisory support services for the operating room project for the new Corona virus through the application of best practices taking into account the nature of the work of the committee concerned with following up on the developments in the health status of the new “Corona” virus and other stakeholders from relevant government agencies.

Providing Marketing for Qassim Health Cluster

As an extension of our marketing expertise in health clusters, the marketing and communications team at Takamol Business Solutions is working with Qassim Health Cluster on a project to provide marketing services to promote a healthy lifestyle through awareness campaigns to influence behavior change and raise awareness about the transformation taking place in the local health system.

Providing Advisory Support Services to The National Campaign Centre Initiative

The role of the Ministry of Media is based on introducing and preserving the Saudi identity and disseminating images and true Islamic values in the life of the Saudi citizen. It also contributes to raising awareness of the roles played by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia locally and globally.
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