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Digital Products

Building a comprehensive system

Building an integrated system between more than one entity to provide a specific service to entities'’ clients, with an easy and enriching user experience, which ensures the simplification of Procedures, operations and their presence under one roof.

Enterprise Resource Management System

A technical system designed to coordinate all resources, information and activities needed to complete practical actions such as finance, personnel, salaries, procurement system, contracts and inventory, and to enable users to share data between its various parts.

Success Stories

Project to provide consulting services to the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources

In this project, TBS worked to provide support for the establishment of the development and operational system of the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources by providing advisory services that contributed to managing and directing all plans and actions for institutional excellence in the Ministry by building and developing methodologies for institutional excellence and integrating internal operational processes to achieve the Ministry’s objectives, including Services for human resources management, financial management, institutional communication, common systems, procurement, and others.

Design and development of the Centre of Excellence for the model of care for the Ministry of Health

In this project, TBS worked on building and implementing strategies for institutional excellence in the Centre of Excellence for the model of care in the Ministry of Health, by helping the Ministry to shift from strategic planning to effective strategic management. We worked on building and designing the institutional excellence policies and structuring the governance of the Centre of Excellence in accordance with international best practices, and we developed key performance indicators to evaluate the effectiveness of the Centre and a mechanism for monitoring compliance with the guiding policies.

Project of operating the transformation unit in the Ministry of Health

Providing support and operation to the Transformation Unit in the Ministry of Health. The project aims to improve the health system by separating the legislative bodies from the executive bodies in order to achieve institutional excellence in the health system and organize the health care model to work towards achieving several goals that fall into the National Transformation Program, spending efficiency, raising the participation of the private sector, and improving the quality of life. TBS has supported the management of ten task forces covering key Ministry of Health functions that aim for a virtual separation of duties to make the Ministry of Health focus on activities and regulations and migrate provisioning activities to host entities.